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1. Apricot plucking and processing: Sham valley is also known as the apricot belt of Ladakh. The entire stretch from Nemo village till Da, Hanu and across the border to Gilgit and Baltisthan is rich in exotic mountain fruits like apples, apricots and walnuts. Apricots are amazing fruit rich in vitamins and anti oxidants but pertaining to the short shelf life of Apricots have to be processed or preserved. The founders of Ule Ethnic resort started processing apricots back in 1984 to make their own jars of Juices and Jams. Today after 36 years of fruit processing Ule Ethnic resort has expertise in making organic, sugarless, preservatives free Jams, Juices and fruit bars. You can enjoy the jams and juices at our breakfast buffet. During the Apricot plucking season we host workshops around fruit processing calling interested travellers to take part in plucking and processing of apricots. These workshops are week long with boarding and lodging at the resort. The participants can learn here about different stages of fruit processing and make their own Jam to carry back home.

For a detailed participants Manuel on Apricot processing workshop, please contact us at


Rizong monastery hike/cycling: Distance 5 kms.(one way) 1-2 hrs one way hike / cycling: The landscape houses caves where Guru Padma Sambhava meditated during his journey through Ladakh. It was since held as a hermitage for buddhist learnings until 1831 when Lama Tsultim Nima decided to build Rizong monastery in its current form. You can hike or cycle up through the beautiful valley and spend the day at the monastery in meditation or taking a class at the school or just musing over the old architectural marvel. Ride back to the resort well before it gets dark.

Mangyu monastery hike/cycling: Distance 14 kms. 3-4 hours hike / cycling: Mangyu monastery or temple complex was was built by Lotsava Rinchen Zangpo after the completion of its counter parts in Alchi and Sumda between 12th to 13th AD. Its a beautiful day hike to the village across the river Indus. Starting early morning brings morning scenic beauty of Sham valleys and the layers of Barley tips glow in the morning sun. The hike or ride will take 2.5 hours to reach the monastery and the guests can spend the day around the monastery complex, enjoying the relics of our past.

Ridge summit hike 11200 feet: 3 hrs hike: Adjacent to the resort, above the apple orchards and the alfa alfa plantations is a steep ascend of a hill slope with a majestic view of the Indus Valley below you and rows of snow capped mountains running into the far horizon. Guests can hike up the ridge with a small canteen and enjoy the birds eye view of Himalayas at large. For detailed packages on the above hikes and rides please contact us at

3. White water rafting in Indus river: For the ones seeking marine adventure, our travel desk organises rafting in Indus River. We have certified guides and a professional team attending our expeditions providing you with end to end service from the resort itself.

Half route: Ule Tokpo to Himis Chu Distance: 7 kms. Rapids: grade. Transfers / full gear included
Full route: Ule Tokpo to Nurla Distance: 9 kms. Rapids: grade. Transfers / full gear included

4. Visit 11th century AD monasteries: Three of the most prominent monasteries in Ladakh built in 11th century AD are within 30 kms of the resort. You can find maps and reading material on these three monasteries at our reception and our travel desk will assist you in organising guided trips to these monasteries from the resort. Details of the visits are as follows:

Alchi & Likir monastery: Distance: 33 kms. Drive hours: 1-2 hours Lunch: Alchi kitchen
Lamayuru monastery Distance: 46 kms Drive hours: 1-2 hours Lunch: Lamayuru resort

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